motivational video clips

Check out These Motivational Video Clips I Created – All Using Instagram!

Inspirational quotes are very popular. Sharing short video clips is a great way to brand yourself while providing value… I like to share them individually as well as put them together into one video montage. For instance, here I am, sharing (just a few) of some motivational video clips I created using Instagram while I […]

how to download instagram videos

How to Download Instagram Videos

  For those of you that know me, you know I love to create short 15-second videos using instagram! In this blog post, I’m going to share with you how I download any instagram video while you are on your PC or laptop and save it (all using your PC or laptop)

inspirational story if you are overwhelmed

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s a Short Inspiring Story For Ya!

How easy do you think it is to get overwhelmed? If you are doing anything that causes you to get a little uncomfortable, it is very common. FOR INSTANCE, learning new skills as you are building a business online? I remember when I first started to learn online marketing techniques I was so overwhelmed, I […]

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23 Tips – How To Get More Retweets on Twitter

First of all, if you aren’t using Twitter to drive eyeballs to your website…. WHY NOT? Since I started using Twitter, the number of visitors to my website and the number of people opting into my email list has more than doubled! So for me (and hopefully for you), using Twitter is a necessity.   […]

5 Reason Why You Should NOT Create a Facebook Page For Your MLM business

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Start a Facebook Page For Your MLM Business

Do you have friends who are always posting about products they’re selling? Personally, I see my friends posting about MLM products all the time. They’re selling things like: candles weight loss supplements makeup even fake eyelashes! Trust me, there is NOTHING wrong with getting involved in a multi-level marketing (MLM) company — in fact, this business […]

story of the eagle and the chicken

Story of the Eagle and the Chicken

ARE YOU AN EAGLE OR A CHICKEN? Once upon a time, at a large mountainside there was an eagle’s nest with 4 large eagle eggs inside. One day, an earthquake rocked the mountain causing one of the eggs to roll down to a chicken farm, located in the valley below. The chickens knew that they […]

Short Inspiring Story

Inspiring Short Story – Thinking Outside The Box

Many hundreds of years ago in a small Italian town, a merchant had the misfortune of owing a large sum of money to the moneylender. The moneylender, who was old and ugly, fancied the merchant’s beautiful daughter so he proposed a bargain. He said he would forgo the merchant’s debt if he could marry the […]